Joe Biden Only Wants $1,400 Checks After Promising To Give $2,000 “Immediately”

( Remember how Joe Biden promised during the Senate runoff campaign that he would push for $2,000 stimulus checks to help American workers hit by the COVID-19 lockdowns? Well, it looks like it was just another thing he lied about.

On Friday, Biden was forced to defend his broken promise after it was revealed that he now only supports issuing checks to the sum of $1,400.

Conservative news outlet the Daily Caller reminded voters on Friday how Biden said in George on the day before the Senate runoff that $2,000 stimulus checks would ‘go out the door immediately’” if his two Democratic candidates were elected.

The Caller tweeted the video after posting a newer video of President Biden wrongly claiming that $1,400 checks were “what the American people were promised.”

President Biden failed to explain precisely when the American people were promised $1,400 checks. President Donald Trump repeatedly called on Congress to issue checks to the sum of $2,000, and Congress refused to listen. Then, President Biden promised Congress under Democrat control would issue them…and they still haven’t.

CNN went along with Biden’s lies, promoting the video in which he said that he is “not cutting the size of the checks. They’re going to be $1,400 period.”

Biden attempted to sound firm and resolute, seemingly gaslighting Americans over the size of the checks.

The president always promised that they would be $2,000.

Even left-wingers are picking up on the scam, with activist and actress Susan Sarandon telling the media and her Twitter followers that Biden is pulling a “bait and switch.”

“Where are the $2k checks you promised? At a time when only 39% of Americans could afford a $1,000 emergency & over 15 million have lost employer-sponsored health insurance, the diff between $1,400 and $2k is a matter of survival, she said in a tweet.

So, Joe…where are they?