Jill Biden SNAPS Over Suggestions Joe Is In Cognitive Decline

(ThePatriotSource.com)- Jill Biden, the wife of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, probably knows better than anybody what Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities are like these days. As a good wife would, however, Jill Biden dismissed suggestions that Biden might not have the cognitive ability to be an effective President of the United States.

On Wednesday, Jill Biden was asked about Biden’s cognitive abilities, and she snapped. NBC host Savannah Guthrie asked her if she thought t was okay for President Donald Trump to question his abilities, to which she responded.

“The president’s campaign this week released an ad just really attacking your husband’s cognitive abilities, suggesting that he’s lost a step or two in the last few years,” Guthrie said. “As far as you’re concerned, is that a fair attack/ is that something that should be debated as part of the campaign?”

Before we got to Jill Biden’s answer, shall we address this question? Who in their right mind thinks that the cognitive ability of a man who wants to become one of the most powerful men in the world is off the table when it comes to questions? Should Biden’s cognitive ability be something every single American citizen should be concerned about?

Anyway, Jill Biden wasn’t happy with it. She snapped.

“No. No. It’s ridiculous,” she said. “I mean Joe’s on the phone every single minute of the day talking to governors who are calling him and Nancy Pelosi. He’s on the Zoom. He’s doing fundraisers. He’s doing briefings. I mean he doesn’t stop from 9 in the morning till 11 at night. So that, you know, that’s ridiculous.”

Is it, though? Countless videos have shown how Biden struggling to finish sentences during interviews with media outlets. On several occasions, his handlers have had to step in and tell the interviews that the questioning is over. Biden even introduced himself to the Democratic National Convention this week as “Joe Biden’s husband.”

Does that sound like a man who’s really “all there” to you? Jill Biden might be offended, but she can’t deny the obvious.