IT’S A MIRACLE: Pelosi Suggests She WON’T Pack Next Relief Bill with Far-Left Policy

(ThePatriotSource.Com)- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Congressional Democratic colleagues have faced a huge amount of criticism recently when they rejected a bipartisan economic relief bill and proposed partisan legislation instead.

Pelosi seems to have learned from the mistake and now appears to be suggesting that the next round of legislation, the “Phase 4” relief bill designed to reduce the negative impact the Chinese coronavirus has on the economy, won’t be packed full of progressive policy. Speaking to reports during a briefing on Friday, Pelosi said that the next bill will be similar to the last and focus on bipartisan goals.

During the Phase 3 negotiations, Democrats flat-out rejected the bipartisan deal and instead proposed a bill that included Green New Deal policies, racial diversity policies, several controversial bailouts and even a ballot harvesting proposal. It was hugely divisive at a time when the American people needed the politicians to come together and do something to help the average worker.

The Democrats failed, but it left a bad smell in the Democratic camp. So much so that Pelosi told reporters, “Let’s do the same bill we just did, make some changes to make it current.”

During a CNBC interview, Pelosi also suggested that she wouldn’t try the same tricks as last time.

“We’ve had three bills that have been bipartisan,” she said. “I think right now we need a fourth bipartisan bill. And I think the bill could be very much like the bill we just passed. I’m very much in favour of doing some of the things that we need to do to meet the needs of clean water, more broadband, and the rest of that.”

CBS News reported this week that the next phase of legislation would focus on public safety communications, broadband, clean energy, drinking water, brownfield restoration, harbour restoration, water infrastructure, highways, rail, airports, and waster water infrastructure.

This is a huge U-turn for Nancy Pelosi who only on Thursday was suggesting the Democrats might add specific left-wing talking points to the legislation. During an episode of the Late Show on CBS, Pelosi said she needed billions of dollars to introduce postal voting for federal elections…a system widely criticized in the United Kingdom for the many instances of fraud that have come with it.