Is Kamala Harris Joe Biden’s VP Candidate? She Addresses the Rumors…

( Remember Kamala Harris? She’s the California Democratic senator who was once a frontrunner in the race to become the Democratic presidential candidate who saw a spectacular fall from grace when Tulsi Gabbard tore her apart in the debates.

If you need a reminder, take a look at the clip below.

Well, it looks like the sting of that interaction is finally wearing off as Harris is being tipped to be the vice-presidential candidate in the Joe Biden campaign. And, during an interview on Monday with KCBS Radio, Harris addressed the rumors.

“Everyone seems to have you at the top of the Joe Biden veepstakes list,” Harris was asked. “Do you want to be his running mate? Would you rather be offered attorney general in a Biden administration?”

“Well, I’ve already been attorney general,” Harris responded. “I was very honored to serve and I ran the second largest Department of Justice in the United States,” she said, in reference to her time as the attorney general for California.

Then, she admitted she would like to take the role of vice president. That will come as no surprise to anybody who remembers how smug she was about being a frontrunner back in the early days of the primary campaigns.

“But I would be honored, obviously, if I were asked to serve as vice president. No questions about that. I’d be honored to serve with Joe Biden,” she said. “The bottom line is this: We cannot go on with another four years of Donald Trump.”

Why? People seemed to be enjoying the record high employment and tax cuts before coronavirus destroyed the economy…

“So on the point of Joe Biden,” she continued, “I’m going to do everything I possibly can to help him win.”

If that means serving as his vice president, she appears willing to do it…despite being hugely unlikeable.

What do you think, can Joe Biden win with Kamala Harris as his VP candidate? The ageing presumptive presidential nominee for the Democrats has already committed to having a woman of color as his VP candidate, so Harris certainly fits the bill.