Is California About to Declare MARTIAL LAW?

( California looks to be set to declare martial law soon, after Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Tuesday that the measure is not being ruled out. It comes as the virus continues to spread wildly across the state and strict social distancing measures have been put in place.

In a press conference about California’s response to the outbreak, Newsome explained how state government has “the ability to do martial law…if we feel the necessity.”

Declaring martial law in California would be an unprecedented move. No other state has discussed taking such a drastic measure yet. It would suspend regular law across the state and replace it with direct military rule. The people of California would be subject to the rules put in place by the military who would monitor the streets, ensure people only leave their houses when authorized to do so, and that only key workers can go to their place of work.

California’s National Guard has already been put on alert for humanitarian roles like distributing food and managing public safety. 

The state is struggling to manage with the spread of the virus, with unemployment claims doubling in just two days. A spokesperson for the state Economic Development Department, Loree Levy, told the press that they are “currently experiencing a large increase in claims filed in our programs and have staff working overtime to keep up with the demand.”

“In addition, we are working to redirect other staff, and hire additional staff, as much as possible to assist with the claim filing process.”

On Monday, California approved a $1.1 billion funding bill to relieve the economic pressure on the state. However, Newsom warned that the state may ultimately exceed its $21 billion reserves to ensure people can survive the major economic downturn expected in the coming months.

“The magnitude of this moment may exceed those reserves,” he told the press.

In the same press conference, he also explained that schools will likely not open again before summer. President Donald Trump also said on Monday that the crisis could go on until August.

All 415 hospitals across California are expecting a surge in patients, and Newsom explained how the “good news is none of it surprised any of us.”

“We as a state, working with our system, anticipated much of these needs and have been running plans to address them.”