INSANE: Portland Commissioner Claims Police SETTING FIRES, Not Protesters

( As far-left, violent rioters continue to set fires and destroy buildings across Portland, a local commissioner attempted to lay the blame at the feet of the police force. Jo Ann Hardesty told Marie Claire that police officers are actually starting fires in the city in an attempt at justifying “attacking community members.”

This, despite the fact that footage clearly shows police officers responding to extreme violence committed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter. You can see some of that shocking footage below.

Andy Ngo, a reporter from The Post Millennial, published footage showing someone handing pieces of concrete to other protesters to use as weapons against the police. Does this look like the police provoking people?

No…no it doesn’t.

That didn’t stop Hardesty telling media outlets that she thinks this is really all about civil rights and it’s the fault of the police.

“I am old enough to remember that during the civil rights movement, the police had provocateurs…intentionally added to the group to do disruptive stuff,” she claimed.

“I have no doubt in my mind, I believe with all my heart, that that is what Portland police are doing,” she added.

You know what that means? That means she has no evidence whatsoever. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be telling you about how she believes with all her heart.

“I believe Portland Police is lying about the damage – or starting the fires themselves – so that they have justification for attacking community members,” she continued.

Where’s the evidence, Jo Ann?

Police Chief Chuck Lovell responded to the claims, doing exactly what we’ve done here. He asked for evidence.

I wonder if she’ll provide that evidence? And if she doesn’t, will she admit she lied?