INCREDIBLE: Biden Tries To Blame TRUMP For Riots

( Joe Biden seems to have started coming out of his basement a little more in recent weeks, but only to do interviews from his living room instead. During a recent interview on MSNBC’s Andrew Mitchell Reports, Joe Biden finally spoke about the ongoing violent riots, but instead of addressing the fact his supporters are the ones committing the violence he tried to blame them on President Donald Trump instead.

Biden claimed that Trump was “encouraging” the violence, despite President Donald Trump having offered huge amounts of backup and support in the form of federal agents to quell the violence.

“The problem we have right now is we’re in Donald Trump’s America,” he said. “You know, to quote Kellyanne Conway, she said, and I’m paraphrasing today, they’re looking for more violent and more destruction because it helps them politically.”

This might well be President Donald Trump’s America, but the mere fact he is president does not justify violent extremists on the streets. If conservatives were to start burning down cities under whatever Democratic presidency comes next (which let’s face it, conservatives would not do) would Joe Biden then blame that violence on the Democrats?

“He views this as a political benefit for him, he’s rooting for more violence, not less,” Biden said.

The evidence proves this wrong. Violence in Kenosha erupted on the same day that President Donald Trump’s administration offered Governor Tony Evers some additional 500 members of the National Guard to stop the violence. Evers rejected that offer and so the violence was too extreme for the few hundred officers available on the night to handle.

The day after, Evers finally gave in and authorized that 500 Guard troops to assist in fighting the violence, at Donald Trump’s insistence.

“This happens to be Donald Trump’s America,” Biden continued, still failing to provide any evidence of how this is Trump’s fault. “In Donald Trump’s America COVID is out of control, he’s not prepared for it, he hasn’t responded to it, and he continues to do nothing to deal with it.”

Biden has a real knack of making unsubstantiated claims, huh?

He then went on to say he condemns violence and looting, but didn’t go as far as condemning the violent protests committed by his supporters in Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

We should probably expect to hear this line a lot. For as long as the riots continue and Biden refuses to condemn them, he’ll just blame Trump and move on.