HUNDREDS Of Officer Apply to Retire from Minneapolis Police

( According to a report from the New York Times published on Tuesday, almost 200 police officers in Minneapolis have applied for retirement or to leave their roles. The officers cite post-traumatic stress as a primary reason for wanting to leave the force, following weeks of extreme violence and protests, as well as a lack of support for law enforcement officers from Democratic leaders.

The report referenced lawyer Ronald F. Meuser, Jr., who represents the officers. He explained that if these officers do move forward with their retirement or resignations, it will mean some 20% of the local police force will have disappeared. But hey, the Democrats might consider that a win, given they want to defund police departments all over the country.

The report said that some 65 officers have already left the force this year, largely because of the riots and recent violent events, which is an increase on the 45 officers who left the Minneapolis police department last year.

“It’s almost like a nuclear bomb hit the city, and the people who didn’t perish are standing around,” 16-year police veteran Officer Rich Walker Sr. explained. “I’m still surprised that we’ve got cops showing up to work, to be honest.”

The report comes at a time when Democratic leaders actively considering the possibility of defunding the police. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden claims he doesn’t support defunding the police, but at the same time told a reporter from Now This News that he believes resources should be directed away from the police. Which is effectively…defunding the police.

Minneapolis police officers have been at the forefront of this battle, too, after the local City Council voted to defund the police force and replace it with something completely different. The Council has yet to decide what to replace it with.

Council member Jeremiah Ellison who supports the defunding of the nation’s police forces said that the people looking to retire from the police aren’t willing to help. And, well, I guess he’s right. Why would they?

“Policing as an institution has largely been untouchable, despite the many, many, many failings that are cultural,” he claimed. “Here we are in a moment where people all over the country are saying, ‘No, no, no, no, no, we are interested in real accountability.”

Maybe people just want to be able to call 911 for help when they need it…