Hundreds Attend Portland Memorial For Trump Supporter Murdered By Antifa Extremist

( Antifa Extremist Runs Over Man During Memorial for Trump Supporter Murdered by Leftist

While Portland continues to be set on fire every night by gangs of far-left extremists, hundreds of people from all over the country came together in a park just north of the city to remember the Trump supported murdered by Antifa extremist, Michael Forest Reinoehl.

Aaron “Jay” Danielson was a member of the right-wing organization Patriot Prayer, and was shot in cold bloody by Reinoehl in the streets of Portland after a Trump-supporting caravan moved through the city.

Hundreds of conservatives and Trump supporters gathered in a park in Washington for a memorial service, following the police shooting of murderer Reinoehl. People could be seen at the event celebrating Danielson’s life in a show of defiance as left-wing activists enter their hundredth day of consecutive nightly riots.

Attendees spoke on stage about political violence, waved flags, and enjoyed BBQ together. It’s exactly the kind of scene the far-left media and politicians hate to see.

The day descended into tragedy, however, when a man was hit by a car driven by yet another Antifa extremist.

Video footage shows how a Trump supporter was mowed down by a car and left in critical condition. Reports suggest he is in the Intensive Care Unit at a local hospital after suffering severe bleeds in the brain.

At what point will Antifa be declared a domestic terrorist organization? How many more people need to die?

Speeches at the event called on right-wing Trump supporters to resist the urge to hate the people who do this and commit these atrocities, only for an Antifa activist to drive a car into members of the crowd.