HUGE Fireworks Displays in LA Defy Mayor Garcetti’s Rules

( It’s easy to assume that the people of Los Angeles are for the most part left-wing progressives and radicals who are willing to give up their rights in the name of social justice…but this year’s Independence Day proved that wrong. The people of Los Angeles lit up the sky in celebration of July 4th, defying orders from radical Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Fireworks lit up the sky on Saturday night, despite the mayor’s order to not do so. With no municipal displays, residents decided to source fireworks themselves and video footage shows how thousands of rockets were set off at dusk to celebrate America’s independence.

The ban on fireworks hasn’t always existed – it was implemented this year. Despite the ban, though, fireworks have been going off for many weeks in defiance of the order. People were so angry at the ruling that fireworks have been purchased in and out of the state, with policing receiving over a thousand complaints about breaches to the rules. There were so many, however, that the city’s police department couldn’t respond and barely anyone was ticketed for breaking the rules.

Los Angeles Police Department’s Communications Division tweeted their thanks to police officers working in the city that night, referencing the “Outrageous number of illegal fireworks calls.”

Sadly, the fireworks did cause some trouble – trouble that may have been avoided if local city officials had allowed municipal displays for people to attend. Police said they were unable to attend to dozens of 911 calls owing to the huge number of calls that came in.