HHS Secretary Dismisses CRAZY Claims About Trump Coronavirus Comments

(ThePatriotSource.com) – The Health and Human Services Secretary, Alex Azar, has dismissed crazy claims by Democrats and far-left activists that President Trump argued the coronavirus would just “go away.”

During a House hearing that took place on Wednesday, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky made ludicrous claims about the president.

“All of you know the World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency and our administration has now declared it a public health emergency,” she said. “The Trump administration asked Congress for just $2.5 billion to combat the disease.”

Schakowsky then went further, criticizing the Trump administration decision to request the moving of funds destined for fighting ebola, and making a fake claim about the president.

“You suggested robbing $500 million from the United States in response to the ebola epidemic, which is actually still raging in some places. So I find it incomprehensible that you are asking for a molehill when what we really need is a mountain of support here,” she said.

“Mr. Azar…do you agree with the president of the United States that the coronavirus is very much under control in the United States and will, quote ‘go away in the spring?’” she added.

Azar didn’t take kindly to the fake claim, responding, “He did not say the last part that you just said. He said he hopes it will go away with warmer weather.”

President Trump’s comments reflect the fact that human immune systems are at their weakest during the winter, making people more susceptible to viruses. This is the reason why the winter is known as the “flu season.” Nonetheless, the president did not make the assertion that the virus will simply vanish but did express his hope that the virus would spread less during the spring.

The HHS Secretary then said that most people would hope it would go away with the warmer weather, and explained how the coronavirus, while present in the United States, is currently contained.

He also explained how the situation could change, that it is likely that there will be more cases in the United States, but that the Trump administration was making necessary preparations.

In the same hearing, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, was asked about the science behind contagious viruses and the effect seasons can have on them. Rep. Joe Kennedy asked Fauci whether the virus will go away as the weather gets warmer, to which Fauci responded:

“The history of respiratory viruses and other coronaviruses tend to diminish and almost disappear as you get into summer. It’s just something that happens every year.”


The president is vindicated, yet again.