Here’s How Trump’s Immigration Ban Works

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(ThePatriotSource.Com)- After announcing on Monday that he would sign an Executive Order that bans immigration into the United States temporarily, President Donald Trump signed the order on Wednesday and sent the mainstream media into meltdown.

On Wednesday, the details of the executive order were released, explaining how the president intends to protect American citizens at a time of major economic uncertainty.

The order went into effect before midnight the following day, and temporarily stops many green card applicants (future permanent residents) from entering the country. It also meant that thousands of people who enter the country through the visa lottery system, which gives away visas to people all over the world under a lottery system, would also be stopped from entering the country.

The order will stay in place for 60 days, after which the president said he would review the situation and see if he thinks it needs to be extended.

The purpose of the order is to protect American workers and ensure that citizens have the best chance of securing a job once the U.S. economy starts to reopen, following widespread disruption as a result of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

“I have determined that, without intervention, the United States faces a potentially protracted economic recovery with persistently high unemployment is labor supply outpaces labor demand,” the president said during a press conference.

“Excess labor supply affects all workers and potential workers, but it is particularly harmful to workers at the margin between employment and unemployment, who are typically ‘last in’ during an economic expansion and ‘first out’ during an economic contraction,” he added.

While the move has been widely praised by Republicans (and criticized by Democrats,) it does contain several exemptions. For instance, green card applicants who are already living in the United States will not be affected by the order. It also allows for health care workers to remain in the United States (given the ongoing health crisis) and gives foreign investors the chance to still enter the country.

The children and spouses of American citizens will also not be affected, showing the president’s commitment not to punish American citizens who have family living overseas and who are waiting to be granted residency visas.

Trump’s decision comes after more than 22 million Americans apply for unemployment benefits.

Expect the Democrats to take this one to court!