HA! Biden Offers to Call Trump About Coronavirus Strategy, Despite Having No Strategy

(ThePatriotSource.Com)- If you’ve seen the footage of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden struggling to answer questions about how he would handle the coronavirus outbreak in recent weeks, you might be surprised to learn he thinks he has a better grasp of the issue than President Donald Trump.

Biden is so confident he knows what he’s doing that he’s offered to call the president to discuss coronavirus strategy.

Deputy Campaign Manager for the Biden 2020 campaign, Kate Bedingfield, told Fox News this week that Biden has been “extending his advice for months.”

“He did so again on the air last night,” she said. “As he has said repeatedly, Donald Trump is not accountable for coronavirus itself – but he is accountable for the federal government’s slow and chaotic response to this outbreak.”

Biden’s campaign has been parroting the line that the president isn’t to blame for the virus for some time now, in a transparent attempt to appear virtuous and kind. That didn’t stop a YouTube campaign ad claiming the president “cried hoax” at the virus, though.

During the Fox News interview, Bedingfield also spent time attacking the president for ignoring warnings from scientific advisors – another unfounded claim. Bedingfield failed to discuss the fact that Democrats spent January and February trying to impeach President Trump, forcing his administration to switch focus from regular governance to defending democracy.

“Unfortunately, Trump spent months after the virus was discovered disregarding repeated warnings from his scientific and intelligence experts, and downplaying the threat of this outbreak to the American people,” she claimed.

“He could have heeded Vice President Biden’s public advice not to take China’s word as they misled the world about their efforts to stop the spread.”

President Donald Trump knew that the Chinese government was misleading the world about the virus, but the Democrats and media establishment spent the entirety of March complaining every time he used the term “Chinese coronavirus.”

How can Democrats, who have consistently defended the Communist Chinese government, claim Trump is in the wrong here?

Take one look at Biden’s recent interviews on the topic of the coronavirus and his offer of help doesn’t seem so appealing. What plan does he even have, and what could he offer that Trump’s incredibly qualified scientific advisors can’t?