Group Wants Trump To ‘Make The Family Great Again’

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( – President Donald Trump followed through on his campaign promise to “Make America Great Again.” Now, a group of 8,000 people want him to “Make TheFamily Great Again.”

The Ruth Institute and LifePetitions submitted a petition signed by 8,000 people to the U.S. State Department’s Commission on Unalienable Rights in Washington, D.C., last week. The petition urges Trump and his administration to make “life, marriage and the family” guiding principles in the United States’ foreign policy.

When she delivered the petition, Jennifer Roback Morse, the founder and president of the Ruth Institute, said: “We are concerned about the rights of the family and the rights of children.”

In a video she recorded before meeting with the commission, Morse outlined what she planned to say to its members:

“I’m going to tell them that we hold these truths to be self-evident: that every person comes into the world as a helpless baby, that every person has a mother and a father, that every society needs some structured institutions for getting children from helpless infancy to responsible adulthood, and that the needs of children place limitations on the behaviors of adults, including adult sexual behavior.”

Morse delivered the petition to Mary Ann Glendon, the chairman of the commission who is also the former ambassador to the Holy See. After doing so, Morse said Glendon said she was “grateful for our interest in the commission’s work and promised that our petition would be permanently stored in the State Department’s archives.”

Michael Pompeo, the Secretary of State, appointed the Commission on Unalienable Rights only last July. He did so with the hope that the commission’s members would advise him and the State Department on how they could incorporate “an understanding of authentic human rights” into dealings with foreign governments and international bodies.

Speaking to the commission, Morse expanded on the ideas behind the petition:

“Pro-family leaders from around the world have signed our petition, which we undertook in partnership with LifePetitions. The pro-family leaders from Latin America and Africa are especially aware of the harm international agencies can do when they ignore the rights of the family mentioned in our petition. All too often, the United States government has collaborated in the promotion of destructive policies which undermine the rights of children to their parents, and parents’ rights and responsibilities toward their children.”

Some international signers of the petition include leaders of pro-life organizations based in Trinidad, Nigeria, Italy, Kenya, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Nigeria, Uganda, Venezuela, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Georgia.

The Ruth Institute is focused on giving Christians the tools they need to “defend the family and build a civilization of love.” The non-profit organization that is based around the world does that through advocacy and petitions such as the one it delivered to the U.S. State Department’s Commission on Unalienable Rights last week.