Gretchen Whitmer DEFENDS Attending Protest, Despite Telling Residents to Stay Home

( Gretchen Whitmer is the Democratic Governor of Michigan who hit the headlines in April when she implemented some of the strictest lockdown measures in the country. After repeatedly refusing to walk back her lockdown policy, which included banning people from working on their gardens or taking their boats out into open waters, Whitmer chose to go completely against her own demands and stand side by side with protesters on the street last week.

During an interview on MSNBC Live, Governor Whitmer said that she thought it was fine for her to take to the streets because her state is finally beginning to reopen “incrementally.”

She reminded her residents that “we still have to live with the coronavirus” and that people “need to wear our masks” and “we cannot just drop out guard.”

When she was asked about her attendance of the George Floyd riots, Whitmer claimed her wearing of a mask and refusal to shake hands, high-five, or hug anyone at the protest meant it was fine. She suggested that the First Amendment was a driving force behind her decision to attend the far-left protests.

“This First Amendment right is something that, in this moment, I thought it was important to show up, to show solidarity with so many who are protesting police brutality in this country.”

Interestingly, Whitmer failed to recognize the total hypocrisy of the claim given that she told protesters in May to go home when they turned up to the state capitol building. Protesters arrived at the capitol with placards and guns, using their First and Second Amendment rights to protest against the excessive measures put in place by Whitmer.

During the interview, anchor Stephanie Ruhle asked, “How do you respond to the criticism you received that you yourself didn’t practice social distancing while you participated in a peaceful protest, and did wear a mask?”

“I wrote a mask the whole time,” Whitmer said in her defense. “I did not greet people the way that I usually do with hugs or handshakes or high-fives. I recognize that this is how COVID-1 spreads.”

So everyone else can go outside, open their businesses, and go about their business as long as they don’t shake hands, right, Governor Whitmer?