GOP Reveals Police Reform “Justice Act”

( Following the widespread protests over the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis, Senate Republicans announced new proposed legislation that would reform policing and introduce new restrictions on the use of chokeholds. The legislation, which was formally introduced by Senator Tim Scott, is the Republican Party’s answer to the Democrat-supported proposal of…defunding the police.

Tim Scott told reporters that supporting law enforcement officers and African Americans are not mutually exclusive.

“Too often we’re having a discussion in this nation about you are supporting the law enforcement community or are you supporting communities of color,” he said. “This is a false binary choice.”

The answer to the question of which side he supports, he said, is that he supports “America” and “restoring the confidence that communities of color have in institutions of authority.”

Scott said that Senate Republicans believe that the “overwhelming number of officers in this nation are good people” and that the party’s policy positions will “bring the communities of color into a position of stronger understanding and confidence in the institutions of authority.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also spoke during the press conference, stating that the upper chamber will consider the legislation put forward by the Senate GOP next week.

“We’re serious about making a law here,” he said. “It’s not about trying to create partisan differences. This is about coming together and getting an outcome.”

McConnell referred to his “Democratic friends” and said that if they “want to make a law and not just try to make a point,” then he hoped they’ll join them in getting behind the bill.

In recent month, Democrats in the House of Representatives have done nothing but engage in partisan politics – probably because a presidential election is on the way. Democrats refused to work with the Republicans on new coronavirus relief legislation (which is yet to pass) and have consistently stood in the way of good faith bipartisan attempts at passing legislation that would help American workers during the coronavirus lockdowns.

Under the proposed legislation, police officers would have more restrictions on the use of chokeholds, and a database would be introduced to monitor the use of force by individual police officers. No-knock warrants would also be reported to the Department of Justice, and a limit would be put on federal funding eligibility is a police department doesn’t implement the chokehold bans except in instances where deadly force is authorized.

What do you think…will the Democrats work with the Republicans on this?