General Flynn’s Lawyer Says OBAMA Was Part of FBI Conspiracy

(ThePatriotSource.Com)- The lawyer of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn claimed on Sunday that former President Barack Obama was part of a conspiracy with the FBI. Sidney Powell claimed that Obama was part of an operation to imprison Flynn for a crime he didn’t commit.

During an interview on Sunday Morning Futures, Powell explained how FBI agents worked together to mask the true nature of their investigation into Flynn and purposely didn’t inform Flynn that when he answered their questions they were nor informal responses, but instead, could be considered a criminal matter if they believed his answers were either incomplete or wrong.

Powell didn’t hold back, explaining, “These agents specifically schemed and planned with each other how to not tip him off, that he was even the person being investigated.”

If true, it means that not only did FBI agents conspire together, but they purposely misled Flynn to make him believe he wasn’t even the focus of the investigation. It would make sense, too, given transcripts released by the House Intelligence Committee last week. The documents were the reason why the Department of Justice exonerated Flynn and dropped all charges against him.

Those same files revealed how FBI agents know that General Michael Flynn hadn’t colluded with Russia, something Obama and the Democrats desperately wanted to prove.

“So they kept him relaxed and unguarded deliberately as part of their effort to set him up and frame him,” Powell added.

She explained how Barack Obama played a role in the operation to send Flynn down, as part of a grudge the former president had against Flynn. You might remember that, when President Trump first took office, he chose to ignore Obama’s advice and hire him. Combined with the efforts by the Democrats to prove Trump colluded with Russia, and Flynn became the perfect target.

Powell explained how during a January 5 Oval Office meeting just before President Trump took office, Obama met with former FBI Director James Comey, the former National Intelligence Director James Clapper, and the former Director of the DIA John Brennan all met to discuss the issue, proving that Obama knew what was going on.

They investigated President Trump and found nothing. Now, it’s President Trump’s turn…