First Presidential Debate Turns Into Debacle Rather Than Discussion Of Issues

( There are very few people who were expecting a polite, respectful or even civil debate Tuesday night between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

There are also probably very few people who expected the mess that ended up taking place on a national stage.

Tuesday night’s first presidential debate between the Republican Trump and the Democrat Biden was more akin of a bully attacking someone else and that someone else fighting back than it was a presidential debate.

On multiple occasions throughout the night, Trump interrupted Biden when he was attempting to answer a question — ignoring agreed-upon rules that said each candidate would have an uninterrupted two minutes to respond to each question.

At one point, the moderator for the evening, Chris Wallace of Fox News even directly said this to Trump:

“Sir, wait — you’ve agreed to the two minutes, so let him have it.”

And later, the said:

“Mr. President, your campaign agreed both sides get two-minute answers. Uninterrupted. Your side agreed. Observe what your campaign agreed to.”

On multiple occasions, Biden seemed to lose his cool, responding to Trump:

“It’s hard to get any word in with this clown.”

The debate turned more into Trump firing shots at Biden and seeing how he would respond rather than a good debate over issues that might be important to the American people. Because of that, there were no real winners in Tuesday’s debate, many political pundits have said.

Republican strategists criticized Trump for his approach. That included Chris Christie, who is one person who helped Trump prepare for Tuesday’s debate. On ABC following the debate, Christie said Trump was “too hot.” He said:

You come in and decide you want to be aggressive and I think that was the right thing. [But] will all that heat, you lose the light. That potentially can be fixed. Maybe, maybe not. We will have to see.”

Scott Jennings, who worked as a political aide for George W. Bush, also agreed that Trump was “too hot” and didn’t give Biden “enough room to dig the holes.”

“Trump is the biggest dog in the junkyard,” he said. “He proved that. He’s louder, ruder and appears tougher. The job for Biden tonight was to seem strong enough to do the job and Trump took direct aim at that. He’s a bully. But after he kicked sand in Biden’s face, Biden needed to be stronger, and he just wasn’t.”

The immediate question following the debate is whether Biden would participate in future debates scheduled for October 15 and October 22. The notion of Biden skipping the debates because of Tuesday night’s debacle was quickly shot down by Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s deputy campaign manager.

While she called the first debate a “train wreck,” she confirmed:

“I don’t know how many different ways we can say it. Yes, we are going to do the debates. I would imagine there will be some additional conversations [with the Commission on Presidential Debates]. But yeah, we are committing to attending the debates.”

Here’s two hoping the next two are nothing like the first.