EXTREMIST: BLM Founder Openly Supports Venezuelan Dictator

(ThePatriotSource.com)- The Black Lives Matter movement is often describes as a movement campaigning for equality, but scratch the surface and its Marxist, communist roots are revealed. Reports show that one of the best-known founders of the Black Lives Matter movement, Opal Tometi, is a vocal supporter of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro.

If you’re not familiar with the leadership of Venezuela, Maduro has overseen one of the most oppressive, extreme, and authoritarian regimes in the world since he took the reins in 2013 after the death of Hugo Chavez. Under Maduro’s rule, police forces across Venezuela have violated international human rights laws and even gone as far as killing, kidnapping, and raping protesters in the country. It is one of the most dangerous countries in the world, particularly for young people.

In 2016, almost 10,000 young people were murdered.

Despite this, Tometi appears to be a vocal supporter of the murderous tyrant leader. Bear in mind, Black Lives Matter is a legal non-profit organization that continues to receive millions of dollars in donations from multi-national organizations, celebrities, and other private citizens. So it should come as a shock, surely, to those donors when they see a photograph of Tometi hugging Maduro during a People of African Descent Leadership Summit that took place in Harlem. Several other high-ranking officials of the Venezuelan government took part in the discussion, and Tometi seemed very happy to be around them.

Propaganda news sites in Venezuela also published footage of Tometi alongside Maduro, not just hugging and embracing, but raising a fist together. It was used by the Venezuelan media as propaganda against the United States, perhaps implying Venezuela has it better because America is plagued by white supremacy.

“I am aware that justice also has to do with racial aspects,” Tometi said during the conference. “What we are experiencing is the manifestation of anti-black racism and this is state violence. It must be called by its name. Police brutality, the murders of blacks, violence against the Afro-descendant community, all is proof of the violence of the State.”

People of African Descent Leadership Summit with Nicolás Maduro from Steve Zehentner on Vimeo.

So perhaps Tometi is fine with government-condoned violence and murder so long as it’s not racial…or something?