Even MACRON Says He Won’t Tear Down Statues

(ThePatriotSource.com)- President Emmanuel Macron of France is hardly the most popular politician in the world, and he’s not exactly a conservative, either. Macron has been troubled by weekly protests in his country’s capital city by anti-government and anti-tax protesters known as the “Gilet Jaunes” since 2018, but has somehow managed to cling onto power. Macron has repeatedly attempted to frustrate the Brexit process, and champions left-wing causes as president – but for once, he’s taking a stand against extremists.

President Macron said on Sunday that France will not erase its history or take down statues of figures considered controversial, despite left-wing activists protesting in a similar way to the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States.

Speaking to the nation directly in a television address, Macron said his government would be “uncompromising” in their fight against racism, but vowed not to remove statues. He said he would work to tackle prejudice in the police force, which is not universally accepted as an institutional problem in his country.

“The Republic will not wipe away any trace or any name from its history,” he said. “It will not forget any of its works. It will not take down any of its statues but lucidly look at our history and our memory together.”

Macron said this message was particularly important in the continent of Africa, where French colonialists ruled a number of countries and left behind a legacy that many African people still feel angry about today.

He said that Africa and France should seek a “present and a future that is possible on both sides of the Mediterranean.”

Ever since the death of George Floyd, France has seen several “anti-racism” protests erupt in the streets. Protesters also came together to protest the death of Adama Traore, a black Frenchman who died in police custody in 2016. The investigation still goes on, and many argue it was a racist killing and a result of police racism.

Macron also made it clear that despite not planning on tearing down statues, he will fight racism that people say exists in his country.

“We will be uncompromising against racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination,” he said. “New decisions for equality will be taken.”

His message of uniting around “Republican patriotism” could be seen as an effort to hold back any gains for the National Rally party headed by Marine Le Pen, who came second in the presidential elections last time.