Dr. Deborah Birx Told Americans To Stay Home For Holidays… Then Went On Vacation

(ThePatriotSource.com)- Dr. Deborah Birx, perhaps the second most visible member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, reportedly travelled to one of her several vacation homes just after Thanksgiving despite telling Americans to stay at home over the holidays.

Birx visited a vacation property in Fenwick Island, Delaware, with members of her family just a day after Thanksgiving.

According to Kathleen Flynn, who is the sister of a man married to Birx’s daughter, said she was coming forward with the news over concerns about the safety of her parents. She also told the Associated Press that there had been friction and arguments within the family over the issue.

Birx confirmed that she did indeed travel to her property in Delaware, but refused to offer the Associated Press any comment on the matter.

She is just one of several examples of high-profile national leaders and figures to ignore their own advice, with a slew of Democrat mayors and governors telling residents one thing while doing the opposite themselves.

The current guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that Americans should avoid traveling over the holiday season. It also advises against mixing with family members from different households while indoors…which is what Dr. Birx appears to have done.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is just one of those examples, recently being pictured indoors in a luxury restaurant in Napa, California, not wearing a mask and mixing with a large group of people. In November, Newsom said he needs to “preach and practice, not just preach.”

“We’re all human. We all fall short sometimes,” he added.

But not everyone goes to an expensive restaurant in large groups in the middle of a pandemic after telling taxpayers to stay home…

Soon after Dr. Birx’s travels to Delaware were revealed, she also announced that she is retiring, and said that her time in the Oval Office, and the scrutiny she received while working in the Coronavirus Task Force, had been a “bit overwhelming.”

Birx did, however, say that she would be willing to help the Biden transition – assuming he does ultimately become the next president of the United States – but that she will retire from her work over the treatment of her family over the past week.