Did Tulsi Gabbard Just DEFEND Trump?

(ThePatriotSource.com) – Tulsi Gabbard, candidate for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, is at war with Hillary Clinton. After she was labeled a “Russian asset” by failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, she slapped the former First Lady with a lawsuit. Then, she went after the DNC and the media for excluding her from town halls.

And now, it looks like Tulsi Gabbard has even defended President Donald Trump.

Well, sort of.

In an interview on Fox News (another thing regular Democrat candidates don’t do!), Gabbard defended the decision by President Trump to fire Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Yevgeny Vindman from the National Security Council. The news broke that the president had removed the two brothers from their positions on Friday 7th February.

During the interview, Neil Cavuto told Gabbard, “You know, the president yesterday, as you probably know, Congresswoman, fired Gordon Sondland, our Ambassador to Ukraine, and Alexander Vindman, top security official.”

“A lot of people were likening it to another, you know, Friday night massacre akin to what Richard Nixon did back in the ‘70s. Do you agree with that?” he continued.

Gabbard, surprisingly for a presidential candidate running against Trump, said, “Ultimately, whether people like it or not, there are consequences to elections…And the president has, within his purview, to make the decisions about who he’d like serving in his cabinet.”

Finally, some sense from a Democrat!

Gabbard even went after the Democratic National Committee during the same interview, no doubt in an attempt to signal her willingness to break free of corruption and potentially win over some conservative or Republican-leaning Fox viewers.

Specifically, Gabbard said that she thought the DNC was making it easier to make insurgent candidate, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a viable candidate. Amid weird tweets and even paying people $150 to write nice things about him, Bloomberg, according to Gabbard, has seen the rules changed to ensure he qualifies for the debates.

“The fact that a billionaire can come in and have that kind of influence to change the rules of the DNC all of a sudden, not coincidentally, to be able to benefit Michael Bloomberg while voters here in New Hampshire and across the country are saying, hey, we want to be able to make the best informed decision possible before we go in and cast our vote, understanding the seriousness of this election,” she said.

Gabbard continued, saying that voters won’t be able to make the most informed decision because the DNC and media partners are “enacting these rules where they are playing favorites.”

“They are picking winners and losers before voters have the opportunity to do so,” she said.

Is she wrong?