DHS And DOJ Join Forces To Overhaul Asylum System (REPORT)

(ThePatriotSource.com)- The Department of Justice and Homeland Security both announced on Thursday that they will be undertaking a massive overhaul of the current asylum system. Under new rules, judges and immigration officers will be given the power to toss out obviously bogus applications.

The decision will put pressure on the American immigration system that is bogged down and burdened with a huge and rising number of bogus asylum cases, as smugglers help illegal aliens enter the United States under false pretenses.

Under the new regulations, the standard for proving an individual suffers persecution in their home country is strengthened, meaning claims of violence and gang intimidation must meet a higher standard of proof. The departments also announced that those who seek to game the system by claiming intimidation in their home country to obtain asylum wrongfully would be hit by serious consequences, including a ban from attempting to gain entry to the United States in the future.

Joseph Edlow, the deputy director for policy at U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services, said that the new regulation builds on work started by President Trump.

“This rule continues the mission President Trump began four years ago – to close the gaping loopholes in our asylum system in an effort to secure our borders,” he said.

The rule will come into effect 30 days after its publishing in the Federal Register on Friday. It will also apply to all new cases that arrive at the border, as well as to those who apply for asylum from within the United States.

It is precisely the kind of rule you would expect Democrats to oppose, too. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden promised to increase the number of accepted asylum cases into the United States if he becomes president, which would likely require a reduction in the burden of proof for those applying for asylum. Without reducing that burden of proof, a possible President Biden would cause untold pressure on the immigration services to more quickly process asylum cases to meet his annual quota.

Edlow made it clear that the tightening of the rules doesn’t mean that those claiming intimidation from gangs cannot apply and won’t be accepted, but that it will be much harder for bogus claims to be accepted.

Edlow also said that persecution must be coming from the government, and that simply “disagreeing with nonstate actors” will not be considered grounds for relief.

Smugglers, who have long used phrases like “credible fear” to put bogus claims through the asylum system, will now no longer be able to sell their services to foreign nationals attempting to enter the United States through fake asylum claims.