Despite Polling Numbers, Liberals Worried About ‘Known Unknowns’ Of Election

( While most major political polls are predicting a rather easy victory for Democrat Joe Biden in a few weeks, many Democrats are concerned a similar situation to 2016 could unfold.

Four years ago, many people were predicting that Democrat Hillary Clinton would easily defeat President Donald Trump — and we all know how that turned out. Now, according to a Politico report, Democrats are scrambling to try to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Democrats are concerned about what are called the “known unknowns.”

Thousands of people are showing up to vote early in this election, and many see that as a positive for liberals. However, voter registration among Republicans increased in some of the key states back when Democrats shut down their field operations in the spring and early summer.

In addition, many Democratic operatives are predicting that there will be a surge of Republican voting on Election Day, since many are leery of advanced voting or vote-by-mail. This could see an increase of in-person support for Trump on November 3.

Tom Bonier, who serves as the CEO of liberal data company TargetSmart, said:

“There are more known unknowns than we’ve ever had at any point. The instruments we have to gauge this race, the polling, our predictive models … the problem is all those tools are built around quote-unquote normal elections. And this is anything but a normal election.”

While Bonier is very optimistic about Biden’s chances in a few weeks, he also told state chairs of the Democratic Party on a recent call that tiny variations in expected turnout could have a huge outcome on the election.

Matt Bennett, who is a part of the group Third Way, which leans to the center-left, said:

“We don’t know what insanity Trump will hurl into the mix. Every day is a week, and every week is a month. It’s going to feel like a long time between now and November 3.”

One thing liberals have been fighting hard on leading up to the election is increasing turnout. So far, that seems to be working in their favor. An extremely high 27 million people have voted already in early voting as of Sunday. Most of these early votes — whether it’s been done in person or through mail-in ballots — have come from Democrats.

And while that’s a great early sign for Biden and Democrats, they are also very concerned that Republicans could far outweigh Democrats at the polls on Election Day.

That concern is currently coupled with anxiety about the status of mail-in ballots. Democrats are worried about a large number of mail-in ballots being rejected because they weren’t filled out properly, or young people as a group deciding not to fill them out and send them in at all.

The director of the Elections Project, Michael McDonald, wrote an analysis about the early voting recently, saying:

“I predict in the coming weeks, the Democratic narrative will change from euphoria over the apparent large leads in early voting to concern that a disproportionately large number of younger voters have yet to return their mail ballots.”