Dems Proven WRONG As Hydroxychloroquine Rated “Most Effective” COVID Treatment by Doctors

( Democrats who have repeatedly slammed the president for suggesting that hydroxychloroquine may be a good treatment for coronavirus were proven wrong this week when an international poll was released. The survey, which asked thousands of doctors all over the world what treatments for the Chinese coronavirus work best, found that hydroxychloroquine is the best drug treatment available right now.

Some 2,171 doctors were surveyed worldwide, and the results showed how 37% of respondents said that the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine is the “most effective therapy” for treating the disease. While not a majority, it was a plurality, making it the most popular option and showing how doctors all over the world are already seeing positive results from using the drug.

The survey was conducted by Sermo, an international health polling company. It found that 23% of doctors in the United States have prescribed the drug, which is significantly less than in other countries. It could be a result of the Democrats repeatedly slapping down the suggestion that it could do some good for patients simply because the president himself endorsed it.

Earlier in the week, President Donald Trump announced that he was taking the drug combined with a zinc supplement as a precaution against the virus. Trump faced a gigantic backlash from the Democrats, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi telling CNN that the president is “morbidly obese” and putting himself at risk by taking it.

The survey explains how hydroxychloroquine is being used widely outside the United States to treat people with “mild to severe symptoms” but in the United States it is only being used for “high risk diagnosed patients.”

In Spain, hydroxychloroquine was endorsed by 72% of doctors who said they have prescribed the drug.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization still insists that there is “No evidence” that any medicine, including hydroxychloroquine, “can prevent or cure the disease.”

President Trump recently defended his decision to take hydroxychloroquine, described how it was prescribed by his doctor, and reminded the press that he is not advertising it as a miracle cure. The president said it should be a personal, individual decision between patients and doctors if they wish to take the drug.