Democratic Senators Propose Silly Bill That Would Limit President’s Powers During A Pandemic

( Democrat Senators have proposed a bill that would take away some powers that are currently vested in the president.
The bill, called the COVID-19 International Response and Recovery Act, or CIRRA, is being sponsored by New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. If approved, it would take $9 billion of funds that have already been appropriated as well as authorize $2.8 billion more to circumvent the powers of the president in times of pandemic.
Ultimately, it would take away the president’s power to coordinate government responses for any future global health pandemic, and cede that power to international agencies such as the World Health Organization. The new funding included in the bill would go to paying dues both past and present to every United Nations agency, including the WHO, Pan American Health Organization, the World Bank and the UN Population Fund.
The bill would also require the president and other federal agencies to follow any directives of the WHO. It would add levels of federal bureaucracy so the policies of the United States would be forced to follow global policies.
Future presidents would have a much more difficult time making unilateral decisions during a pandemic, including the travel restrictions President Donald Trump put on China back in February. The bill would also prevent Trump and future presidents from withholding funds to organizations such as the WHO.
In addition, the bill would install some pro-abortion agendas. It would mandate sexual and reproductive health be prioritized through “trusted providers.” It would also require gender-based violence services be deemed “essential” and “fully resourced.”
While Democrats are hoping this bill passes the Senate, it’s unlikely to do so since the chamber is controlled by Republicans. One of those senators is Jim Risch from Idaho. The bill will be debated in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, of which Risch is the chairman.
Regarding the bill, he said:
“The most basic right humans have is the right to life, which is why I am strongly pro-life and always have been. I only support legislation that protects and promotes human life, including the unborn, and I will continue voting in such a way that defends pro-life policies.
“When it comes to concerns with the WHO, I am focused on advocating for an independent interim review of its response to the COVID-19 outbreak and advancing critically needed reforms, not rubber stamping the status quo.”
Democrats have been highly critical of Trump in just about every policy he’s passed. In relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have specifically and consistently been against the fact that he has criticized the World Health Organization and other United Nations resolutions. Trump has also criticized China for the handling of the coronavirus outbreak there, and the burying of accurate information, which helped lead to the virus spreading to other parts of the world.
But a bill such as this is one that will most likely only be symbolic in nature. It has little chance of passing the full Senate and becoming law, which begs the question: Why are Democrats even wasting their time?