Democratic Chicago Mayor Again Says Coronavirus Rules Don’t Apply To Her

( The Democratic mayor of Chicago is back at her hypocritical ways again.

On Friday, Lori Lightfoot said she was totally beside herself that people were “still” meeting in private places together. That can lead to the spread of coronavirus, she says.

At the same time, though, Lightfoot somehow defended appearing at a large gathering to support President-elect Joe Biden. She tried to justify her actions by saying everyone was following social distance guidelines.

She told Stephanie Ruhle of MSNBC that “everyone was wearing masks.” She added that the celebration on Saturday came during a time “when we actually do need to have relief and come together.”

The hypocrisy comes thanks to a tweet Lightfoot herself sent out on November 7. She tweeted a video of her at the rally, with the statement:

“This is a great day for our city and our country. We are taking our democracy back.”

In the video, Lightfoot has no mask on while she’s screaming through a bullhorn:

“You should absolutely celebrate this victory and savor every minute of it.”

Seems like Lightfoot was caught with her hand in the cookie jar, as the saying goes. Guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that masks aren’t a substitute for physical social distance. The agency says masks should be worn in addition to being six feet apart from other people.

Neither Lightfoot herself, nor the others who can be seen in her video at the rally, were doing both. Somehow, though, the Chicago mayor finds it appropriate to try to defend her actions because “we … need to have relief and come together.”

At the same time, she is aghast at other people coming together.

Last week, Lightfoot issued a stay-at-home advisory for the city of Chicago. That order banned gatherings of more than 10 people. She also urged people to “cancel traditional Thanksgiving plans.”

She said:

“One of the biggest challenges we face now, which is different than in the spring, is the spread in private places — in homes, event spaces. People are still having gatherings like weddings and funerals.”

This is the second time that Lightfoot has been exposed for not following her own coronavirus-related orders. During a full lockdown of the state of Illinois in April, Lightfoot went out and got a haircut. All salons and barbershops were closed at the time.

During a public service announcement, Lightfoot told residents that “getting your roots done” wasn’t an essential service. At the same time, though, she said that rule didn’t apply to her, because she’s “the public face of this city.”

She told reporters after her haircut was exposed to the public:

“I’m on national media, and I’m out in the public eye. I take my personal hygiene very seriously. I felt like I needed to have a haircut. I’m not able to do that myself, and so, I got a haircut. You want to talk more about that?”

Yes, we do, Mayor Lightfoot. You don’t get a free pass just because you’re the mayor.