Democrat Chairwoman Wants to Investigate Parler Over Russia

(ThePatriotSource)- Democrats have shown, yet again, that they simply will not stop until all platforms that allow conservatives to express their views and communicate online are shut down.

Not long after Google and Apple forced free speech social media network Parler off their app stores, and Amazon withdrew access to its servers and forced the website to go down, Democratic Chairwoman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee is now calling for a “robust examination” of Parler to see if the platform has any connections to Russia.

Will this nonsense ever end?

A report from The Washington Post explains that Rep. Carolyn Maloney is claiming (incorrectly) that Parler appears to have played a role in the violence seen on Capitol Hill on January 6, where a small contingent of protesters broke free from the peaceful protest and violently forced their way into the Capitol Building.

The incident has since been called an “Insurrection” by Democrats, and Democrats in the House of Representatives even impeached President Trump for a second time after falsely claiming he encouraged or incited the violence.

Rep. Maloney said that formal steps are being taken to open a formal committee investigation into Parler and that the committee is considering such an investigation as a “top priority.”

If they’re expecting some kind of ties to Russia, their investigation may face the same fate as the years-long FBI investigation into so-called “Russian collusion.” That investigation found absolutely nothing.

In a letter on Thursday, Rep. Maloney singled out Parler’s use of a Russian-owned web service known as DDOS-Guard, a system designed to stop malicious attackers taking down the website. It was a measure put in place by Parler to stop leftists from taking down their site, but it is now being used to incorrectly charge them with having some kind of connection to Russia.

“I am going to get to the bottom of who owns and funds social media platforms like Parler that condone and create violence,” Maloney incorrectly said.

Parler does not condone violence, and if Rep. Maloney listened to the FBI, she would know that the “insurrection” in Capitol Hill was pre-organized on Twitter and other social media platforms, too.