DELUSIONAL: Biden Wants You to Consider “Perspective” of Iowa Loss

( – Joe Biden was long considered to be the frontrunner in the race to become the Democratic nominee for president, but the Iowa caucus quickly put an end to that dream. Biden thought he would win, and he admitted as much himself during a CNN town hall on Wednesday. But, he doesn’t want you to consider it a loss.

During the CNN discussion, Biden said that while he and his team would have liked to have performed better than he did, he thinks people should keep the results “in perspective.” His argument is that Iowa only has a very small fraction of the delegates required for a candidate to win.

And, that’s true. Winning Iowa doesn’t necessarily mean that a candidate is out of the race. It’s entirely possible for a candidate to come second, or even third, and still be viable. But Biden came fourth, with underdog Pete Buttigieg battling it out at the top with veteran socialist Bernie Sanders. This clearly wasn’t a victory for the former vice president.

During the CNN town hall, Biden said:

“Look, let’s put this in perspective. There are a total of…4[1] delegates that are going to come out of that, and it looks like it’s going to break down somewhere between 7 and 15, among the top four of us. You need 1,900 delegates to become the president of the United States – to become the nominee. So, it’s a – I expected to do better, and I expected that our organization would perform better.”

So it’s all a matter of perspective! Ignore the fact that a man who has already served as vice president can’t even command the confidence of his own party, and that Democrats would rather place their trust in a man who honeymooned in the Soviet Union.

Biden has a lot to overcome, as does Elizabeth Warren. The New York Times reported that both Biden and Warren are seeking revivals in two very different ways. To make gains in New Hampshire, Biden has begun taking aim at Sanders and Buttigieg with a new speech and a tougher approach. Warren, however, is going harder on her message of being the only Democrat who can unify the party.

Time will tell whether the most radical incarnation of the Democratic Party yet will be interested in anyone other than communist Bernie Sanders.