DANGEROUS: Ninth Circuit Blocks Trump’s “Return To Mexico” Policy

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(ThePatriotSource.com) – Ever since President Donald Trump was elected, he has faced an uphill battle with lower court judges who have repeatedly blocked his plans to implement policies that protect the American people. This time, a combined effort by the American Civil Liberties Union and the far-left Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has blocked the “Return to Mexico” policy – an alternative name for the “Migrant Protection Protocols.”

Despite the fact that the policy has played a huge role in reducing the influx of illegal migrants and criminals, this latest effort could put it on hold.

If that wasn’t crazy enough, the panel also announced that all border agents must begin processing claims for asylum made by illegal migrants who are caught trying to cross the border. The change would mark a diversion from the current policy of accepting asylum claims at official Ports of Entry and will likely result in a significant increase in bogus asylum applications by criminal aliens.

The decision is clearly an attempt to disrupt the president’s plans on political grounds and was confirmed as much by President Barack Obama’s ICE director, John Sandweg. Speaking to Axios.com, he explained how the timing “couldn’t be much worse for the Administration.”

“If this decision is going to trigger increased flows at the border, the coming months are the time of year when you would expect to see a spike in the numbers,” he said.

So not only have far-left activist judges made it easier for criminals to make fake asylum claims, they’ve done it at a time in the year when more people attempt to make the illegal crossing.

The decision now must be accepted by the Supreme court and a larger panel of judges. If that happens, it makes Trump’s battle with illegal immigration much harder. The president has already struggled for years to obtain the funding required to build the promised southern border wall, and as he finally begins making progress on it, a policy change like this could result in illegal immigration once again getting out of control.

The Department of Justice announced in a statement:

“Today’s decision out of the Ninth Circuit once again highlights the consequences and impropriety of nationwide injunctions. The Trump Administration has acted faithfully to implement a statutory authority provided by Congress over two decades ago and signed into law by President Clinton. The Ninth Circuit’s decision not only ignores the Constitutional authority of Congress and the Administration for a policy in effect for over a year but also extends relief beyond the parties before the Court.”