Cuomo ORDERS All New Yorkers to Wear Masks in Public

(ThePatriotSource.Com)- Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo is overseeing the coronavirus pandemic in New York, one of the worst-hit states so far. With U.S.N.S. Comfort, a Navy hospital ship, docked in Manhattan and with a death count of over 10,000 in New York City alone, the governor has a big job on his hands.

As a result of growing infections in the state, the governor signed a new executive order on Wednesday that requires every New Yorker to wear a mask in public.

The move was announced during his daily coronavirus press briefing, in which he explained, “All people in public must have a mask and nose covering and they must wear it in a situation where you cannot or are not maintaining social distancing.”

While signed on Wednesday, the order only comes into effect on Friday, giving people three days to source a mask or make one.

“Put the mask on when you are not in socially distant places,” he explained. “You must wear a mask, or cloth or an attractive bandana.”

Cuomo specified that some good examples of places where the mask should be worn include public transport and walking on a busy sidewalk.

The use of masks is not necessarily for stopping people from contracting the disease, but to help reduce the spread. When everybody wears a mask, whether it’s made of fabric or it is a real N95 anti-viral mask, it stops tiny aerosolized droplets leaving our mouths and nose. These tiny droplets of water contain the virus, which can last for several hours in the air.

It is hoped that, by urging everybody to use a mask in public, it will reduce the number of droplets in the air that carry the virus.

Interestingly, Cuomo did state that he would not be introducing a civil penalty for wearing masks, as he hopes that New Yorkers would do the right thing and follow. The order anyway.

“We’re not there yet,” he said, referencing penalties. “I hope New Yorkers do it because it makes sense.”