Could Domestic Travel Restrictions Be Next? Trump Might Be Forced To Consider It…

( – Just days after President Donald Trump announced travel bans from Europe, reports suggest that the White House is considering implementing travel restrictions for domestic flights.

On Saturday, the president, Vice President Mike Pence, and their team of advisors held a press conference to clarify questions about the imposed travel bans and other measures taken to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

One reporter asked the president straight up whether he and his team were considering domestic restrictions.

“Are you considering other travel restrictions, perhaps domestically?” the reporter asked, to which the president responded, “yes.”

The reporter then asked the president whether he would elaborate, and the president did.

“Specifically from certain areas, yes, we are,” he said. “And we’re working with the states, and we are considering other restrictions, yes.”

The move would likely prove controversial, but as the coronavirus poses a significant public health risk and a very real chance of death for elderly and vulnerable people, it may simply become necessary.

Vice President Mike Pence was also asked about the possibility of implementing domestic travel restrictions.

“You said you’re speaking to all the governors…are we looking at any sort of domestic travel restrictions that could be coming down the pipeline anytime soon?” the reporter asked the vice president.

“With regard to additional travel restrictions, let me just say, as the president said, we’re considering a broad range of measures, but no decisions have been made yet,” Vice President Pence responded.

Unlike the Democrats and their frontrunner Joe Biden, the president and the vice president made it abundantly clear throughout the press conference that they were committed to listening to their experts. They told journalists that the Trump administration is “going to continue to follow the facts” as well as “listen to the experts about recommendations.”

The president made it very clear that he would use the “full power of the federal government to defeat the virus.”

That could mean he is forced to consider, and implement, domestic travel restrictions. When led by experts, and in the face of a disease that could potentially kill millions of Americans with underlying conditions, isn’t it time for the Democrats to step up and work more closely with the president on passing key legislation to make the lives of American workers easier?