CNN Reporter Confirms Secret At Biden’s White House…

( Far-left Democrats might be overjoyed about kicking President Donald Trump out of the White House, but things are far from perfect in Washington, D.C. for the party if this CNN analyst is to be believed…

Rachel Bade, who is also a reporter for The Washington Post, said on Tuesday that Democrats aren’t happy about President Joe Biden’s repeated calls for unity and bipartisanship, with congressional Democrats “rolling their eyes privately” whenever he says it.

Not that it matters, of course, because Biden’s calls for unity are not backed up by any action so far that would achieve it. Having signed more than three dozen executive orders in his first week in the White House – more than any other president – Biden has firmly established himself as the most radically left-wing president in American history.

Bade described on “Inside Politics” that Democrats now want to push ahead with partisan legislation, including a new $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package that contains several measures unrelated to the coronavirus.

“You have Democrats who want to move quickly and who are sort of rolling their eyes privately at President Biden when he talks about bipartisanship,” Bade said. “Clearly there is a divide here.”

No kidding…

Bade also described how many in the Democratic Party are tired of the far-left partisanship and aren’t happy about spending unprecedented sums of money on COVID relief, and various other radical programs that have been slipped into the legislation.

“The interesting thing, I think to watch, will be it’s not just Republicans who have expressed concern about this $2 trillion package,” she explained. “Over the weekend, there were a couple of Democrats who also expressed concern with the price tag.”

Those two Democrats were Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who knows that pandering to the far-left crowd in his party could cost him his seat if his voters turn to his Republican opponent and independent Senator Angus King from Maine who caucuses with the Democrats.

And without a proper majority in the Senate, the Democrats will need to win over both of these Senators to pass new legislation. Without their support, and without the support of some Republicans, the legislation still won’t pass.

Bade speculated that this lack of a proper majority in the Senate could be the reason why President Biden repeatedly talks about unity.

“Perhaps that’s why Biden is trying to see can they do maybe a smaller package that’s more bipartisan, that can move together,” she said.

The analyst also added that if Democrats simply decide to stop working with Republicans, they are still going to have to do internal negotiations and there will be huge disagreements within their own party.

Republicans will no doubt be pleased to hear the news that the Democratic Party can’t get its own affairs in order, as it could mean reducing the amount of radical legislation passed between now and the 2022 midterms.