CNN Poll Shows Trump DESTROYING Joe Biden in Key Battleground States

(ThePatriotSource.Com)- A CNN poll showed that, in 15 important battleground states, President Donald Trump is destroying his main opponent Joe Biden. The polls show President Trump beating Biden by seven points in these states, setting the stage for another huge victory in the November presidential election.

The poll looked at Wisconsin, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, New Mexico, Nevada, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Michigan, Georgia, Maine, Florida, Arizona, and Colorado. In these competitive states, President Trump wins, indicating that he will win the presidency as long as he holds Republican states.

CNN being CNN, however, did try and skew the results to suggest Joe Biden is on track to win. In its national poll, the left-wing propaganda network showed Biden beating Trump by 51 to 46. However, to infer that this means Trump is likely to win the election is to be…wrong or disingenuous. The election isn’t won by a national poll, but instead, 50 state-wide polls that determine the winner based on the Electoral College.

Days earlier, CNN published another poll that showed President Trump with his highest approval ratings ever…at least, in a CNN poll. The fake news outlet showed the president wit ha 45% approval rating, which must have been difficult for them. Since the very beginning, CNN has done everything they can to discredit the president and suggest he’s doing badly in the polls.

Real Clear Politics, which is one of the most used sources of polling data, suggests that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is slipping in the polls. The Real Clear Politics poll of polls shows that Biden’s popularity if that’s what you want to call it, began dropping as the accusations from his former staffer Tara Reade gained more ground. Two months ago Joe Biden was leading 51% to Trump’s 44%, but as the media has been forced to cover Reade’s allegations of sexual assault, things have started to change.

Biden now sits at 47% to Trump’s 43%. That means the Democrats are in trouble.

As the November election approaches, candidate Joe Biden will need to do more to reach out to the voters. Stuck at home as a result of lockdown orders, Joe Biden has refused to do any press conferences and only appears on favorable media. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is leading a national effort to fight the Chinese coronavirus.