Chris Cuomo’s Wife BLASTED For Attending Indoor Yoga Class During COVID Outbreak

( Chris Cuomo hasn’t exactly set a great example throughout the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. The CNN news anchor was caught out staging his exit from “isolation” after contracting the virus earlier this year, pretending to emerge from his basement for the first time in weeks while live on air. It turned out, though, that he was spotted days before his emergence outside at an entirely different property he owns.

Now, the far-left anchor’s wife has come under fire for attending an indoor yoga class in a high-end store. Well-known New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz blasted Cristina Cuomo after she published an Instagram post featuring herself and her yoga instructor doing indoor yoga at a Jimmy Choo store.

Can you get any more privileged?

In the video on Instagram, Cristina initially wore a mask but soon removed it when she started doing some yoga moves with her instructor Erika Halweil. They even placed their designer handbags and shoes right at the front of the shot so you can be jealous not just of the fact that they get to do yoga indoors together, but also of their luxury designer goods.

“In an empty, serene store, Erika pivoted her biz to be all online during quarantine and I am so grateful for my dear friend’s free offerings since March on my Instagram designed to improve our mental and physical well being,” Cuomo wrote.”

Taking to Twitter, Markowicz noted how there is a substantial disconnect between rich and poor during the lockdown.

“I’ve been saying this for months but there is such a disconnect between people for whom the COVID lockdown was a sweet time to bake bread and work from home and people, mostly small biz owners, who spent it wondering if they would ever reopen,” she said. “Some still wondering.”

Hard to disagree, right? While millions of people are stuck at home without a job, the rich and famous are flaunting their wealth on Instagram. Real nice…