China: USA’s “White Supremacy” Poisoned Hong Hong

( China may depend on the United States and other large Western nations to keep its economy afloat, but that doesn’t seem to stop them attacking the United States at every opportunity through its various propaganda news networks. The People’s Daily, a Chinese media outlet controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, claimed on Wednesday that the United States as a “predominant culture of white supremacy” that has unleashed “turmoil” in Hong Kong.

It looks like China isn’t too happy to see the people of Hong Kong proudly waving British Union Flags and American flags, rather than Chinese ones.

“The epidemic of systemic racism and discrimination against people of color has long poisoned the US political atmosphere under the patronage of white supremacists and with their tacit connivance,” the propaganda outlet claimed. “They have perpetuated discriminatory laws and legitimized racial segregation by giving immunity to convicted police officers.”

The outlet goes on to claim that African Americans are more likely to be arrested than white people, that there are continued racist killings, and racial violence “continues to abound.”

Ironic, coming from a country that banned black people from several of the country’s major chain stores during the coronavirus outbreak.

The People’s Daily did what it usually does, and published claims that they found on left-wing news sites in America. Chinese propaganda networks are working overtime to ensure President Donald Trump is removed from office in November, owing to the actions taken by the president to protect the American economy from China.

The People’s Daily went on to suggest that the US has segregation in its roots.

“Segregation has its roots in history,” the outlet claimed. “American leaders have continuously turned a blind eye to racism and partly fuelled it by allowing rampant segregation in the legal, economic and social systems to thrive.”

It then claimed that the United States’ “pompous homilies about democracy and freedom” are the reason for the world’s problems, including what they called the “turmoil in Hong Kong.”

Hey, China. Maybe if you weren’t trying to control everything the people of Hong Kong did, and forcing them to live under a communist dictatorial regime, they’d like you more.