China Sent Millions Of Counterfeit COVID-19 Products To America

( Shocking new data released by the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reveals how communist China sent millions of fake masks and test kits to the United States amidst the COVID-19 pandemic that originated from the country.

The data shows that China accounted for roughly 51% of the substandard of counterfeit COVID-19 products that were seized by customs up until September 30 of last year.

CBP revealed that more than 12.7 counterfeit masks were seized, which did not provide the level of protection to wearers as promised. Some 177,356 counterfeit test kits that were prohibited by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) were also confiscated, along with 38,098 chloroquine pills that were also not approved by the FDA.

And Joe Biden during his presidential campaign really had the nerve to call President Trump’s China travel ban “xenophobia”…

Cincinnati customs officials also reportedly seized over 10,000 fake surgical masks in December. The masks were described as “3M Mask Model 1860,” and originated from China. The masks were also incorrectly labeled as “Made in the USA.”

Had the masks been used by medical professionals who believed that they offered sufficient protection against contracting the virus, they could have resulted in the deaths of many people and allowed the virus to spread more quickly.

If those masks were genuine, they would have also had a retail price of $65,520.

CBP Chicago revealed in January how 21 shipping boxes were seized before they could be sold.

In September of last year, Chicago authorities also reportedly seized a shipment containing half a million fake N95 masks, which would have had a retail price of $474,905 if they were real. The shipment was received from the Shenzen, a city in China, and was being sent to a Manalapan, New Jersey company.

They could have put hundreds of thousands of people at risk.

According to the latest CBP report, customs officials have issued 13 withhold release orders which banned the import of products made using forced labor – sadly, a common practice in China to this day.

And, if putting lives at risk wasn’t bad enough, the new report also revealed how more than 26,000 shipments have been seized containing products that violated intellectual property rights, spanning products like footwear, belts, and headphones.

No word from President Biden on this yet, and no word on how his administration plans to crack down on China scamming American businesses.