China Praises Biden, Says His Presidency Offers “New Window” Of Hope

(( )- The Chinese Communist Party is apparently very excited for a White House led by Democrat Joe Biden.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi gave an interview with the Xinhua News Agency over the weekend in which he said China looks forward to a return to “normalcy” in diplomatic relations with the United States. He expressed optimism and hope for the country’s relations with America under Biden.

Wang said he hopes Biden’s administration will “return to a sensible approach, resume dialogue with China, restore normalcy to the bilateral relations and restart cooperation. China-U.S. relations have come to a new crossroads, and a new window of hope is opening.”

The Trump administration has taken a hardline stance with China, increasing pressure on the Communist government and their officials over the last year. The president has consistently criticized the Chinese government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and their continued refusal to accept blame for the outbreak, which began in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Under Trump, the U.S. has placed restrictions and sanctions on Chinese officials and businesses, banning American people and businesses from dealing with them.

The Xinhua News Agency report, though, said there are “serious misconceptions” that U.S. leaders have which have led to “unprecedented difficulties.”

The report said:

“Some see China as the so-called biggest threat and their China policy based on this misperception is simply wrong.”

Wang further explained:

“What has happened proves that the U.S. attempt to suppress China and start a new Cold War has not just seriously harmed the interests of the two peoples, but also caused severe disruptions to the world. Such a policy will find no support and is doomed to fail.

“We know that some in the United States are uneasy about China’s rapid development. However, the best way to keep one’s lead is through constant self-improvement, not by blocking others’ development.

“We believe that as long as the United States can draw lessons from the past and work with China in the same direction, the two countries are capable of resolving differences through dialogue and expanding converging interests by cooperation.”

This is a different tone than Chinese officials have taken against the U.S. lately. It’s one of optimism rather than straight criticism. As recently as last month, though, Wang said that America shouldn’t interfere with how the Chinese government rules its own people.

He said:

“The goal of China-U.S. engagement is not to mold the other in one’s own image, still less to defeat the other side, but to seek and expand common interests. Both Chinese and American systems are chosen by their people and deeply rooted in their respective historical and cultural traditions. If the U.S.-China policy were to remodel or even subvert China, it would not be achievable.”

The “right approach,” he said is for both countries to respect the other’s path to development, despite the differences in the political system.

Apparently, the Communist government in China thinks a Biden administration is going to be friendly to them than a Trump administration.