China Passes New Law That Will “Suffocate” Hong Kong

( Boy, China really has it in for Hong Kong, right? The communist nation that is responsible for the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus passed a new draft law on Thursday that will end Hong Kong’s autonomy. The law was passed by the National People’s Congress, the fake democratic lawmaking body in authoritarian China. The end result of this new law will give more power to the Chinese Communist Party to punish people in Hong Kong for committing crimes “against national security” and “secession.”

In short, if you support independence for Hong Kong, then the Chinese Communist Party can lock you up.

When the United Kingdom gave Hong Kong to China in 1997, as part of the “One Country, Two Systems” plan, the Communist Party was banned from imposing any of its own laws in Hong Kong. It was a key part of the agreement to hand the nation back over to China, but as part of that agreement Hong Kong was made to accept that Beijing, the capital of China, has sovereignty over the autonomous nation. It meant that Hong Kong cannot have its own armed forces and cannot engage in any diplomacy without China.

Until now, though, Hong Kong has not been affected by many of China’s excessive laws. This is worrying…particularly given that it follows a whole year of the people of Hong Kong taking to the streets and protesting against China.

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping wasn’t willing to listen and has repeatedly attempted to overwrite the One Country, Two System policy. This is the furthest he has gone in those efforts.

According to the Global Times, a propaganda outlet representing the Chinese communist government, the new legislation “protects national security.”

“The new Hong Kong national security legislation entitles the central government’s national security organs to establish agencies in the SAR [special administrative region, Hong Kong’s official designation] to safeguard national security, while the chief executive of the Hong Kong SAR government will report to the central government at regular intervals,” the outlet reported.

Imagine living in Hong Kong and knowing that China was taking such huge efforts to undermine your country’s national security.

As this legislation is still in draft stage it means there are nor provisions outlined yet, including definitions of crimes…but that’s coming. And when it does, we’ll be reporting on it.