Celebs Come Together to Promote Cheat By Mail for November Election

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(ThePatriotSource.com)- The celebrities are at it again, people. This time they’re not singing imagine, though. They’re doing something much worse: advocating for a voting system that’s wide open for fraus.

Samantha Bee, the insufferable late-night host on TBS, rallied some of her celebrity friends this week to encourage (harass…) United States Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to support the implementation of vote-by-mail for November.

The celebs, along with the high-profile Democrats who support the idea, argue that the implementation of vote-by-mail is a way of ensuring everybody can vote safely. Critics say, however, that it’s a push to make it easy for the Democrats to steal the 2020 election. Given that vote by mail is already implemented in the United Kingdom and has been at the centre of a number of vote fraud scandals, it’s hardly a lie…

In a video posted on her Twitter, Bee said that for everybody who posts a tweet with the hashtag “#MailedIt” to Secretary Mnuchin, her show “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” would purchase a stamp to support the postal service to “help ensure a free and fair election.”

This is how bitter they are about 2016. They want so badly to defeat Trump that they’re literally willing to endorse an electoral system that has already seen Democrat campaigners try to exploit. There were even instances of double voting in the California Democratic primary earlier this year, and the massively out-of-date voter rolls in states all over the country mean millions of people could receive ballots for people who don’t even live in their house any more.

Celebrities instantly started rallying behind Samantha Bee, with Denis Leary (an actor and comedian, in case you’ve never heard of him” tweeting that Samantha Bee “deserves her own stamp” for starting the campaign.

Why is it that the celebrities always support the Democrats, the same people they claim represent normal people? Sounds like a trend normal people should be worried about…