Cali Dem Claimed $1 Million Second Home As PRIMARY Residence, Violated Tax Law

( Democratic Rep. T.J. Cox broke Maryland and federal tax law by claiming his second home in Maryland, a $1 million property, as his primary residence. Cox has been claiming the property as his main home since  2016, and documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show the extent of the fraud.

The Democratic lawmaker sold the property for $1.13 million in November 2019, and by claiming the property ash is primary home, it meant he was able to avoid paying almost $90,000 in tax. Cox is believed to have made up to $200,000 in rental income from renting out his second home between 2017 and 2019.

The Free Beacon reported that Cox bought the property in Bethseda, Maryland, in 2016 for $1.05 million. It was meant to be a place for him and his wife to live while he studied at Johns Hopkins University. Maryland law states that non-residents who claim a property as their main residence must live in that property for more than two of the last five years. However, Cox’s campaign said that he never even lived in the home and his wife moved back to California only a year after they purchased it.

Cox, therefore, did not meet the requirement to claim the property as his main residence. And yet he claimed it anyway.

What’s worse…Cox claimed that the home was his primary residence under penalty of perjury. And, according to the Free Beacon, it’s not the only violation of tax law Cox has made in connection to the property. The outlet reported that Cox previously claimed two homes, one in Maryland and one in California, as his primary residences in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Cox’s campaign, however., suggested it was an accident, telling the Fresno Bee back in 2018 that the state had “automatically” marked the home as his primary residence. Later, he said it was an “honest mistake” and said that he “filled out the principal residence not knowing the legal definition.”

Yeah, sure.

Now the question is…will he face the consequences? Or will this be swept under the rug?