Bulgaria Arrests Russian Spy Ring

(ThePatriotSource.com)- According to the Bulgarian Prosecutor’s Office, six Bulgarians working as a network of intelligence sources for the Russian state within the Bulgarian military were arrested last week and charged with providing classified information to the Russian military.

Democrats, take note. This is what it looks like when Russia actually uses covert operations to steal information or influence the world.

The clandestine network of spies reportedly also collected information on the U.S. National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, and SCS SIGINT operations and personnel.

Ned Price, a spokesman for the United States State Department, described Bulgaria as a “friend, NATO ally, and partner.”

“We are attentively watching the Bulgarian investigation into an alleged Russian spy ring,’ he said. “The U.S. strongly supports Bulgaria’s sovereignty and stands with Bulgarians against these malign activities on their territory.”

Six alleged spies were arrested while trying to leave Sofia, the Bulgaria capital, with roads closed around the city during the operation to stop them from escaping.

Sitka Mileva, a spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office in Bulgaria, said that they can “conclude that the criminal group has posed a serious threat for the national security by collecting and handing to a foreign country information which constitutes state secrets of Bulgaria, NATO, and the European Union.”

Mileva revealed that the chief member of the spy ring is a former high-ranking military intelligence officer from within the Defense Ministry. The leader’s wife was a Russian-Bulgarian dual citizen who acted as a courier, carrying the secrets from Bulgaria to the Russian Embassy and returning with envelopes of cash in U.S. dollars that were distributed to other members of the spy ring.

Officials also revealed that the spy ring was tasked with recruiting an “illegal network of agents” made up of anybody who has classified information about the European Union., NATO, or Bulgaria.

The Russian Embassy called the developments “speculation.”

“We expect that speculation about Russia’s alleged involvement in intelligence work against Bulgaria’s interests will be halted until there is a court ruling,” an official statement revealed, which didn’t include a denial.