British Police Arrest 12-YEAR-OLD BOY For Racism

( West Midlands Police, a regional police department in the United Kingdom, arrested a 12-year-old boy on Sunday for sending racist messages online. The controversial move sparked a discussion about whether police departments are focusing their resources on serious crimes, and whether this incident might have been better handled by the boy’s parents getting involved.

The young boy sent racist messages to Wilfried Zaha, a famous soccer player who plays for Crystal Palace Football Club. Zaha, from the Ivory Coast, published the racist messages on Twitter on Sunday to show the abuse he deals with.

“You better not score you black c*nt,” one of the racism messages said. “Or I’ll come to your house dressed as a ghost.”

The Twitter account then shared images of the Ku Klux Klan holding a burning cross, and an edited photograph of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes made to include a racist slur.

West Midlands Police, a police department that is known for publicly Tweeting that they are monitoring social media and advising people to be careful about what they say, quickly set upon finding the person responsible. They quickly found out that the Twitter account was owned by a 12-year-old boy and went about arresting the user.

“We were alerted to a series of racist messages sent to a footballer today and after looking into them and conducting checks, we have arrested a boy,” they said. “The 12-year-old from #Solihull has been taken into custody. Thanks to everyone who raised it. Racism won’t be tolerated.”

Well, I’m sure everyone feels much safer now that this 12-year-old is off the streets!

The manager of Crystal Palace Football Club Roy Hodgson supported the player’s decision to make public the abuse he received online.

“It is very saddening on the day of a game that a player wakes up to this cowardly and despicable abuse,” Hodgson said. “I think it is right that Wild made people aware of it; I don’t think it is something he should keep quiet about. There is literally no excuse; there is no excuse at all.”

Nobody likes racism, but is this really the police’s best use of their time?