British Authorities Issue Almost £100k in Fines Over Halloween In ONE Region

( As the United Kingdom enters a new month-long lockdown, British police have reportedly handed out £100,000 in fines to people for celebrating Halloween. It’s a lot of money, and amazingly only come from one region of the country.

South Yorkshire, one small region of one wider county, handed out nine fines of £10,000 to people who were caught by police officers holding parties. Reports suggest that those caught by the authorities were reported by their neighbors.

England entered the new lockdown on November 5, but on Halloween, South Yorkshire was under Tier 3 lockdown restrictions. Under the old regional lockdown system, residents of South Yorkshire were not able to meet with people from outside of their households in their home. The restrictions also meant that pubs had closed if they did not serve “substantial meals.”

Parties, therefore, were completely banned.

Throughout the same region, police officers also issued 20 £200 fines to people who attended an illegal rave in the town of Barnsley, which was broken up in the early hours of Saturday morning. A 17-year-old boy was also arrested for allegedly obstructing police officers as they broke up a rave on Kelham Island.

Police Superintendent Paul McCurry issued a statement saying that he hopes the actions taken to stop people celebrating would serve as a warning.

“I hope that this serves as a warning that where necessary, we will take action against those who show a clear disregard for the measures which are in place to protect others,” he said. “Now more than ever, we all need to do our bit to slow the spread of this virus, and protect our health service.”

In the United Kingdom, the purpose of the lockdowns has long been pitched as a way of protecting the National Health Service. Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson has long said that he did not want to issue a second lockdown, but announced last month that the British people would be forced to re-enter lockdown to stop hospitals becoming overwhelmed during the winter period.

The UK is expected to end its current lockdown measures on December 2, but it is unclear whether that date could yet be extended.