Boris Johnson’s Huawei Deal Forces US to Review Military and Intelligence Assets in UK

(ThePatriotSource.Com)- The decision by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to allow Chinese tech giant Huawei to assist in the development of his country’s 5G network infrastructure has prompted the United States to review intelligence and military assets in Britain. Johnson took a different approach to Australia and the United States, initially choosing to allow China a partial role in the UK-wide 5G rollout.

Security sources claim that the State Department, the Pentagon, and 17 other intelligence agencies across the United States have begun carrying out a review that will decide the future of military and intelligence assets in the UK. A decision will be made whether to remove military personnel and equipment out of the country.

The radical move could potentially sour the positive relationship that President Donald Trump has had with Prime Minister Boris Johnson before he was elected the head of the British government.

Speaking to the Telegraph, a former White House National Security Council member said that it seems likely military assets will be removed from the UK.

“This was not a bluff,” the former official claimed. “You cannot mitigate the danger Boris Johnson is exposing the UK to by letting Huawei into the network.”

“This review is not a punishment. This is the White House saying ‘okay, if they’re going to go down this path and put themselves at risk then how do we protect ourselves,’” the anonymous source continued.

Reports suggest that the American RC0135 reconnaissance aircraft, which are technically stationed in Nebraska but spend much of their time at a Royal Air Force base in Suffolk, will be removed. Some 500 American soldiers are already stationed at the RAF Mildenhall base.

Officials also reportedly fear that the personal cellphones of American agents in the United Kingdom could be compromised if Huawei continues to play a role in the development of the country’s 5G network.

Prime Minister Johnson downplayed the suggestion that China could have access to communications in the UK, stating that the Chinese company will only be connected to the “periphery” of the network, meaning they wouldn’t be able to access the network’s core. In recent weeks, however, there have been rumours that the outbreak of the coronavirus and the possible cover-up that took place in China could change the British government’s mind.

President Donald Trump will make the final decision in the coming weeks about whether or not to remove US assets from the UK.