Bill Gates Concerned About Rushed COVID Vaccine

( Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft and the second richest man in the world, expressed his concern recently about the progress being made on the COVID-19 vaccine. Gates, who spends huge sums of his personal wealth on developing vaccines and helping people in developing nations, told WIRED magazine that he is concerned that vaccines being developed may not necessarily be safe.

“Are you concerned that in our rush to get a vaccine we are going to approve something that isn’t safe and effective?” WIRED asked, to which Gates responded, “Yeah.”

“In China and Russia they are moving full speed ahead. I bet there’ll be some vaccines that will get out to lots of patients without the full regulatory review somewhere in the world. We probably need three or four months, no matter what, of phase 3 data, just to look for side effects,” he explained.

While it is true that vaccines are looking promising, Gates’ concerns are legitimate. It is not possible to know whether there are any long-term effects of a vaccine if it is not tested for a sufficient period of time. That being said, however, the world is struggling to maintain stable economic conditions and needs a vaccine urgently to avoid total destruction of many major economies.

“The FDA, to their credit, at least so far, is sticking to requiring proof of efficacy,” Gates continued. “So far they have behaved very professionally despite the political pressure. There may be pressure, but people are saying no, make sure that’s not allowed.”

Gates also made a jab about President Donald Trump who has advocated the quickest possible turnaround of a vaccine since the start. He said it was ironic that President Trump is a “vaccine skeptic” and that at every meeting he has had with him, the president has expressed his skepticism about vaccines.

Gates also said that he was disappointed with the way that Americans have responded to the virus, and even suggested that the government wasn’t prepared for the pandemic. Surprisingly, Gates said that Trump’s travel ban was too “narrow” and should have happened sooner, which stands in stark contrast to the comments made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden at the time.

The Democrats called Trump xenophobic for imposing the travel ban, but if he did what Gates is suggesting…they’d have called him something worse!