Biden’s Wife And Advisor PROTECT Him From Crazed Vegan

( – During a victory speech in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was physically protected by his wife Jill Biden and advisor Symone Sanders when a crazed vegan jumped onto the stage.

Democratic candidates’ speeches have been hijacked by multiple vegan activists in recent weeks, with one woman stealing the microphone from Bernie Sanders’ hands before being cut off and escorted away.

Biden was announcing a series of victories in the Super Tuesday races when a far-left protestor stormed the stage. Both his wife, Jill Biden, and his campaign adviser Symone Sanders immediately jumped in front of the candidate to protect him.

Sanders went as far as wrapping her arms around the female protester and pulling her down off the stage.

Tweeting after the incident, Sanders said she “broke a nail.”

Incredibly, this isn’t the first time Biden’s wife has stepped in to save him from potential attackers. During a rally in New Hampshire in February, Jill Biden jumped from her chair when she heard a man shouting and approaching the lectern. She stopped the man from getting too close and security took him away.

She laughed off the incident saying, “I’m a good Philly girl.”

It looks like these kinds of attacks aren’t going away any time soon, and that even the Democrats aren’t safe from far-left radicals who want to completely change the fabric of the United States. Joe Biden might well have endorsed a study into offering reparations for black people, for instance, but it won’t misdirect the anger from far-left radicals unless he goes through with it. And, even if he goes through with it, they’ll tell him he needs to spend more money on it.

The same is true with animal rights activists. Even if Biden were to put forward a radical animal welfare bill as part of his presidential campaign platform, they won’t stop storming the stage until he announces an end to dairy farming.