Biden Shuffles Away From Podium In Disturbing Footage

( Shocking new footage from a speech given by President Joe Biden on Monday shows just how significantly the new president’s health is declining, with the nation’s head of state appearing confused about where he is, struggling to walk, and failing to answer any questions.

When the president announced new changes to the Paycheck Protection Program, which included a new focus on prioritizing support for non-white-owned businesses, Biden looked uncomfortable and shuffled away as soon as he finished the speech.

Over eight minutes, Biden read from a teleprompter, announcing that some $1 billion would be handed out to sole proprietors across America. Minority-owned businesses and operations with fewer than 20 employees would be entitled to apply for funds from the new package.

When he finished the speech, Biden stops, looks confused, and then took a total of 10 seconds to figure out how to put on his mask.

While there is little scientific evidence to suggest that wearing a mask would be beneficial for Biden at this point, given that he has already received both doses of the vaccine, he did it anyway.

And struggled, too.

Take a look at the following clip, starting at the 8:38 mark.

It’s remarkable, because not only did the former president stop and realize as he left that he’d forgotten to put on his mask, he refused to answer any questions…and the media didn’t appear to put up a fuss.

During the last four years of the Trump administration, any effort by the 45th president to avoid questions was often met with loud journalists demanding answers. It would even happen when the president spent an hour at the podium answering them…

Check out the livestream comments, too. The Fox News stream got a dose of the treatment the official White House YouTube channel usually receives, with huge numbers of commenters expressing their anger at Biden.

“Worst president ever,” one commenter wrong.

“THIS IS BEYOND A JOKE!!!” another exclaimed.

The video had gathered 4,000 dislikes by Wednesday evening and not even 1,000 likes.

Is this really the most popular presidential candidate in American history?