Biden Says He Has A Better Plan For Re-Opening The Economy, But He Provides No Way To Actually Do It

( Joe Biden thinks he would have done a much better job of guiding the country through the coronavirus pandemic and into a re-opening plan than President Donald Trump has done.

The presumptive Democratic nominee for president blasted Trump on Thursday for not having a comprehensive re-opening plan for the economy. Biden even unveiled proposals for how he would do it safely if he were in charge.

Biden was speaking in Philadelphia to a panel of community leaders, saying the federal government “abdicated any effective leadership role” while responding to the coronavirus pandemic as well as re-opening the economy. He said Trump only has “basically a one-point plan” that focuses only on “opening business.”

Biden said the best way to handle it would be through a multi-faceted plan that would lead to businesses throughout the country re-opening safely. Part of that plan would include the federal government paying for and providing COVID-19 tests “for every worker called back to work.” The government would also “ensure access” to personal protective equipment for all workers.

How Biden would plan to accomplish that, or even pay for it, he didn’t explain. It might be quite the challenge seeing as both coronavirus tests and PPE are in short supply and high demand throughout the United States.

But Biden didn’t stop there. He said unions as well as workers would “have a voice” in all federal re-opening plans. How something like that would even occur is anyone’s guess. He also promised that his administration would enact paid leave on a federal level for any workers who are infected by coronavirus. Again, he offered no suggestions on how the government would arrange, organize and pay for that.

Following the event, Biden’s campaign put out a statement saying the nominee wants to build a contact tracing workforce on a national level as well as start a “safe for shoppers” program that would somehow increase confidence in consumers. He’d do this by identifying and certifying businesses that have met safety and testing criteria. Again, that would be quite the administrative undertaking.

While these plans may all sound great in theory to people listening, they are a little far-fetched, if not unrealistic. And that’s the main problem with Biden right now — he’s promising some wide-reaching plans that he has no ideas on how he would fund or even organize.

For example, how will the federal government fund the guaranteed paid sick leave for all workers who are infected by the coronavirus? The government is already footing the massive bill for boosting unemployment benefits as it is.

In addition, which department would handle such a program? Would it be the job of states who are already overburdened dealing with temporary disability and unemployment claims? Or will the federal government somehow create a new agency out of thin air? Or dump the massive mound of paperwork that it’ll create on an existing agency?

Biden may have lofty goals, but all he’s doing right now is pitching talking points people want to hear.