Biden Packs Transition Team With DOZENS Of Lobbyists

( If you still thought the Democrats were the party of the working people, you probably haven’t been paying attention. This week it was announced that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has packed his “transition team” with 40 lobbyists, showing that a possibly incoming Democratic administration will be run in favor of big business.

It shows just how big a shift has taken place in American politics, with the Democrats defending corporations and Big Tech, and the Republicans once again taking the reins of defending working-class people.

The decision to pack the team with lobbyists is very different to the approach that Biden promised back in 2008 when he was running to be vice president, too. Back then, Biden said that lobbyists were “corrosive.”

What changed?

Well, money happened. Lots of it.

In 2019, Biden began taking huge donations from lobbyists at big pharmaceutical companies, Google, and Lockheed Martin. The big businesses were angry with President Donald Trump’s policies that favored the American worker over big business, particularly the pharmaceutical companies who were finally forced to stop overcharging for many essential drugs.

In September last year, PBS reported how Biden had begun taking huge sums of money from the big companies.

“It’s difficult to quantify how much Biden has raised from the multibillion-dollar influence industry, but the roughly $200,000 he accepted from employees of major lobbying firms is far more than any of his rivals has received, according to a review of campaign finance data by The Associated Press,” PBS reported.

The outlet noted how it didn’t fit with his claim to “work for you – not any industry” in the early days of his campaign, and his promise to reject lobbyist cash “from day one.”

Not only did Biden break that promise and take cash from lobbyists, but now he appears to be rewarding them with positions on his transition team. Positions that will come with a great deal of influence over a Biden administration, if he can form one.

The Wall Street Journal broke the news about Biden packing his transition team with lobbyists.

“Five people on the teams are currently registered as lobbyists or were registered within the last year,” the outlet said.

“In addition, the Journal identified 35 people who had registered as lobbyists prior to this year and who do not need special approval to work on the transition,” the outlet continued. “Those individuals lobbied for a range of companies, unions and advocacy groups-from BP America, Inc/ and a company that owns private prisons to the Environmental Defense Fund and the American Federation of Teachers.”

Hold the jokes about Kamala the Cop loving the prisons.

If Joe Biden really does return to the White House, it will be a return to business-as-usual for Washington.